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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massages . It is performed by using actions like percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling. Meant to help one relax, body, mind and spirit. a break from the stress of work and daily living. Massage oil or lotion is used to protect the skin from friction.

On a Run


Sports Massage

For athletes young and old. helps reduce injuries and helps bodies before and after events. Helps with Range of motion. Some stretching, percussive gun and warm treatments such as prossage and biofreeze as well as sports taping are used. 

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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is best suited for: athletes, runners, people with injuries, chronic pain and inflammation.  It targets the deeper layers such as muscles, tendons, fascia, or dense connective tissue. This can sometimes cause pain as it is a deeper massage. Communication is of utmost importance in this modality, if the level is too deep you must convey that to your therapist. pain is not the goal, relief is.



Cold Stone Massage

Reduces inflammation, works great in combination with a hot towel to really open up congested sinuses. Helps with migraines, relaxing on the back and neck Once you get into it, especially in summer.. it can help with range of motion and flexibility by reducing aches and pains. 


Body Sculpting

Laser Lipolysis

Lipolysis is a non-invasive form of body sculpting. It removes small fat deposits. Like surgical liposuction,  permanently removes fat cells from your body. No downtime, and laser lipolysis recovery is also shorter and less complicated. *an in person or phone consult is necessary so that you may understand this process. price is per session, packages are available

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Body Sculpting

Ultimate Waist Sculpt

Wittle your waist! Tummy and waist section only. Includes Wood Therapy, Laser Lipo and Sauna Blanket price is per session, packages available  

*consult is a must


Body Sculpting

Wood Therapy for Contouring and Cellulite

Purportedly, wood therapy is centuries old and originated in Columbia and Asia. Practitioners of this technique claim that it can reduce or eliminate cellulite. In combination with Ultrasound Cavitation helps give you the sculpted smooth look in your abdomen and bootie and bat wings. Pricing depends on the body part worked on and whether or not ultrasonic cavitation is used. 

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Body Sculpting

Acupressure/Percussive Gun

Deep Tissue alternative or great to pair with Deep Tissue Massage,  releases lactic acid from muscles, increases circulation, increases range of motion activates the nervous system. 



Pre-Natal Massage

A gentle massage for moms to be and their babies. Side lying positioning, with focus on those areas that bother you the most, lowback, feet, legs. some say it helped with their labor and recovery.

*Expecting persons must be out of first trimester.

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Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

Lomi Lomi massage, also known as loving hands massage, is a traditional Hawaiian massage that combines massage techniques, oils, breathing and dance to soothe the body. It is based on the Huna philosophy and how it is related to our bodies work and its healing process.It is more than just a physical massage; it is a healing experience that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. It has a positive effect on all body systems.



MLD- Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is generally discussed as a massage technique that works to encourage the natural movement of lymph fluid.  A gentle rhythmic method of stretching the skin to produce an increase in the volume of flow of the lymph fluid through the lymphatic system. the main benefits of MLD are to help reduce edemas and inflammation and prevent lymphedema. Works well for post surgical and post cancer patients as well.  

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Neck and Chin Radio Frequency 

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a safe, effective anti-aging treatment for a number of different parts of the body. It is a popular treatment for the and neck and jawline area. It can also help with loose skin around your chin and neck. firming to give a more youthful look. 6 treatments may be necessary although most see results in the first session. price is per session, packages available


Body Sculpting

VIP Body Sculpt

Combine Tummy,  Back Flanks, and Bootie into one session of approximately 2 hrs. price is per session 

*consult is a must-appointment is 120 mins with 10 mins for consult and changing. client should arrive 10 mins prior to appointment or the time will be deducted from the appointment time.


Body Sculpting

Vacuum Therapy

(Booty/And Or/Breasts)

Using oil and vacuum therapy.  To give a smoother, fuller, shaplier look. No Downtime, No Pain, 6-12 sessions may be needed. package pricing available. *consult is necessary


Body Sculpting

Infrared Sauna Blanket

There are numerous health benefits to an infrared sauna blanket including, weight loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The controlled, timed heat, will cause the body to sweat and release toxins. Used in Body Scrub Treatments, Anti Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting as well.



Hot Stone Massage

The warm basalt stones are an extension of the therapists hands. Benefits include stress relief, pain and inflammation relief, relaxing aching muscles, promoting sleep, reducing anxiety and help with autoimmune symptoms. Can be followed by a cold stone massage to help with engorged blood vessels and soothe the skin. 

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This modality is geared toward patient need. Therefore,Pricing will match the areas and type of massage required. An Rx will be required for patients on chemo or recent clearance. appointment is 60 mins. with 10 mins for consult and changing, 50 mins hands on massage.

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Cupping Massage

Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood and lymph flow and promote cell repair. It helps form new connective tissue as well as helping create collagen.


Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive  treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile. A teeth whitening gel and blue/LED light are used in the process.  *a consultation is a must

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Body Sculpting

Face, Neck, and Chin Radio Frequency

Looking for a smoother, more defined jawline with tighter skin on your neck? Facial cupping along with LED red light therapy is a wonderful drug-free surgery free option to help eliminate those fine lines and smooth the neck and chin. The best line of defense in the anti-aging war is to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing collagen and elastin, the two most common proteins in connective tissue. Increased fibroblasts is just one benefit of LED red light therapy. Fibroblasts make collagen fibers, so it stands to reason that the more, and healthier, fibroblasts we have in the skin, the more and better collagen fibers are made. While effects are visible after 1 treatment, 6 treatments may be necessary for sustainable results.

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Body Sculpting

Non Surgical Liposcution, Cavitation Body Sculpting/Contouring

Ultrasonic cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin. It is a non-surgical, no downtime,  method of reducing cellulite and localized fat. While inches are lost in the first session, most need 6-12 sessions to see sustainable results. CONSULT IS A MUST! pricing depends on areas treated. price is per session, packages available


Body Sculpting

Body Scrub, Oil Treatment and Sauna Blanket

For incredibly wonderfully soft, smooth skin that smells ahhhmazing! Scents are as follows: Mango, Champagne & Rose, Coconut Lime, Chocolate, Cranberry.

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