About Me

Born in 1965, I grew up in the lovely lake community of Hopatcong, NJ. with my mom, dad and 2 sisters. I graduated in 1983 the year of feather earrings and fuchsia blush and some things that are still a blur.... As far back as I can remember I always had a calling to make people feel good about themselves.  As a little girl I loved to brush my moms hair and spent countless hours doing that. I spent many a summer eve outside with my big sister. She would move her turntable outside so we could listen to the Beach Boys endless summer album and I would rub her feet and her hands one of which had been crushed by a dune buggy it was deformed. I loved the fact that when she felt relaxed and her hand felt better so did I. Whenever someone was hurting I had this yearning to fix them and heal them and make them feel better.  Always drawn to healing arts, I went to beauty school and I should’ve known then what my path was because as I did hair I wasn’t comfortable with it, yet put me in the skin care room or the pedicure room where human touch and healing was involved and I was happy as a pig in slop! I am a free spirit and a true bohemian that our creator has placed on this earth! And I live by the seat of my pants most days….After a personal trauma I left it all behind and became lost. I couldn't bear to be touched or touch others,  the trauma was very deep in my soul.

I entered into a period of just not knowing who I was or what I wanted out of life. I had different jobs, from being a secretary to working for a wall street company (which added even more trauma those folks can be ruthless with each other!) I eventually ended up in a real estate career that spanned from 1997 until December 2019 . 

During that period I was blessed with my beautiful saving grace, Tabitha Lynne. She had been having some health issues since birth, for a while she could not walk and had to re-learn, which resulted in her back bothering her, her hips and knees weakened and making her competitive dance that she loved, rather hard, and it resulted in her eventual hip surgery.  She began to suffer from vasovagal syncope episodes and anxiety attacks I wanted to heal her!

A few years back I was speaking to a childhood friend’s mom who I had helped way back when. She had Crohns disease and in the midst of an attack I had taken her into our family salon which was closed that day and  I spent about 3 hours working on her hair, giving her a facial, soaking her feet and massaging her back and hands. I felt a soul to soul connection with her that i have never forgotten. She said she was never able to duplicate how good I made her feel that day and that she felt I missed a calling.  She passed away from cancer in Fall 2020 and Im sad to say that I was never able to give her a massage after having graduated MT school. A regret I will carry forever. 

Having that conversation coupled with what was going on with Tabitha, at the age of 52, I had the idea to try massage therapy. I attended “Therapeutic Massage and Training Center” in Westfield, NJ. My teachers were exceptional in what they taught and were so helpful in helping me on my path. This has been the avenue that has led me to so many life enriching modalities. I have become a Reiki Master and I'm setting up my first classes to teach it. I have received numerous certifications from MLD, Cancer Massage, PreNatal, Swedish, Hot Stone, Cupping and so many others. I am a massage therapy training junkie!  After a near death experience in 2009 I was drawn to  gem therapy, reiki, sound bath, meditations. There is so much more tied to this work.

While I may have some cancer massage patients who crossover and pass on,  it's hard to say goodbye. At least I know that for some of the last days they were here on earth I was able to offer them some comfort and peace. I get to help people who have had lymph nodes removed with a simple treatment that helps the swelling go down in their limbs helping them to lead richer lives and be able to move. I also get to watch my prenatal families welcome their children into the world!  The wee ones I feel moving when I massage their mommys. Then I get the honor of helping everyday people who just want a relaxing massage and have some healing energy se nt their way. 

I feel that i am so fully blessed each and every day. I love my clients’ each one is so special and unique. Each one needs something different and although I work 7 days a week most months I do not feel that I am working. It is a labor of love. What I receive from helping them is fulfillment, pride in what I do and healing for myself.  There is something so magical in having someone say i helped them move better or I helped heal something in them. I learned that if they heal, I am healed as well therein lies the magic of massage therapy . Our  Creator did not put us here alone, we are always guided and protected and my creator has put people in my path that have led me to where I've always needed to be. I plan on healing humanity one body at a time even if it takes me the rest of my life. Bonnie Gessling has finally gone full circle and come home. I know who I am and why I was put on this great planet. I am a healer! And I do it with my hands and my arms and my strength and my heart!. With people who heal me as well!  In love and healing I honor you and welcome you into my world. NAMASTE'